Field operations require risk assessment and development of practical security measurements to mitigate risks. This process requires identification of potential risks, establishment of boundaries, evaluation of consequences and generation of prevention and business recovery plans.
Our specialists are implementing the threat and risk analysis plan basing on understanding of the types of threats faced by offshore installations including knowledge of various threat groups, the dangers they represent, their goals, intentions, offshore capabilities, opportunities, past attacks and interferences with offshore installations and possible future actions.
Another important factor is the geographical one, as attacks on oil and gas installations occur in many countries, but oil companies face different security risks depending on the region they operate in. Oil companies that operate in high security risk areas such as conflict zones, and those that operate in economically and politically unstable countries are always at a higher risk of attack.
Therefore, geography and other enabling factors, such as the presence of armed conflict in the area play important role in identifying, qualifying and quantifying potential risks to offshore oil and gas installations.
Threat & Risk analysis helps our specialists to build proper-layered security levels in order to form a quick reaction force for any potential threat.