We provide total marine support & Marine Logistics services to the Oil, Gas and general cargo marine/shipping industry.

Seakey Marine has access to a wide availability of diverse and specialized types of vessels which cater to every requirement of our clients. The comprehensive list of owners and managers that we represent ensures superb quality service as standard for our clients. This is additionally backed by our strong international network of competent and experienced professionals.


A combination of our extensive network of ship owners and shipping service companies, together with our experience in the field of vessel sale and purchase, ensures that our clients are always provided excellent value with vessel sale and purchases.


Our marine consultancy services can supply you with feasibility studies, technical studies and superintendence. We also undertake project management on special purpose vessels (DP1 & II), the repair and maintenance of power-management systems and can advise on the aspects of new building, major conversion or modification.


For your peace of mind, SEAKEY MARINE LTD provides independent verification of the viability and safety of a wide range of marine vessels and operations. We also undertake third party surveys where we inspect the condition of a vessel prior to purchase.

As part of our bid to ensure the safety transitions of vessels to and from Nigeria waters, Seakey Marine Limited now offers Security Escort Services with armed Navy personnel to escort tankers from secure zone in international waters, to loading terminals in Nigeria and back to secure zone in international waters.

Our service is at a very reasonable cost, with well-disciplined Navy officers and a specially trained crew to ensure the seamless discharge of our service.

We offers professional security solutions for:
• Well and Offshore Platforms
• Transmission Pipelines
• Loading Terminals & Ports
• Oil Tankers & Transit Routes
• Refineries

SEAKEY MARINE LTD has established relationship with several multi-national
companies to further enhance our performances, and effective service delivery.

Committed to Excellence
At SEAKEY MARINE LTD, we aim at providing the best services available to our clients on schedule. All our employees are trained and tested in their respective field of specialization. It is our company’s policy that all employees/workforce be covered with workmen compensation/medical and accident insurance policy with a reputable issuance company.

Guaranteed Performance
We post performance bond and also obtain bank guarantees where necessary on contract awarded us.
At SEAKEY MARINE LTD safety is a priority. All employees must have adequate safety training/orientation program before deployment.