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Complaints & Grievance Procedure

As part of our alignment with international best practices and our obligation to ensure that basic human rights are not infringed and undermined in our operations, we are committed to resolve your complaints in a timely manner.

Our process will follow the sequence below;
  • Send letter of receipt when written grievance received. Discuss grievance with grievant (within 24 hours of verbal or written complaint)
  • Investigate grievance Communicate the result of the investigation to the grievant(within 7 working days of receiving verbal or written complaint)
  • Document the investigation and outcome (Do not include details in the file of any staff member involved unless a disciplinary action has been undertaken.)
  • Offer external review to the grievant Send questionnaire to grievant Track complaints to rectify recurring issues within our Service
In any way you feel that your concern still remains unresolved having received the written response from Stage 1, do well to reach out to the Managing Director on this number: +2348038562823 stating previous correspondence.
Our Managing Director will justly investigate your complaint in detail and the result of the investigation will be passed back to the relevant department manager to report to you of any findings and the proposed resolution to the situation.